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Expert Witness Services: Legal Fee Analysis

In the field of Legal Fee Expert Witness Analysis, Wyatt Partners can testify and provide expert opinions on your firm’s/your firm’s clients’ behalf in areas including, but not limited to:

. Overall reasonableness of legal fees/expenses;
. Detailed analysis/audit of legal fees/expenses;
. Law firm billing rates;
. Overall reasonableness of litigation settlements in complex litigation;
. Issues regarding law firm retention/selection processes; and
. Issues involving coordinating counsel/liaison counsel.

Wyatt’s principals working on these fee analysis matters are attorneys with hands-on experience in complex, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-party domestic and international litigation. They have a broad base of litigation and legal fee expertise to provide you and your firm with assistance and expert advice/opinions on any fee analysis matters that may arise over the course of your practice.

As experts in attorneys’ fees cases, we have provided an analysis concerning the reasonableness of attorneys’ fees/expenses and settlements in complex litigation matters throughout the United States (including California, Colorado, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) and around the world (including Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom). These cases have varied across legal disciplines, including: bankruptcy, breach of contract, construction disputes, class actions, corporate divorce, corporate governance, criminal law, employment disputes and ERISA matters, energy, environmental torts/remediation and natural disasters (including property damage and personal injury resulting from Hurricane Katrina), intellectual property rights, medical malpractice, railroad disasters, real estate disputes (including alienation, condemnation/eminent domain, and quiet title), securities and securitized assets, and unfair business practices/false advertising. Furthermore, these multiple matters have provided us with significant experience in both defending the reasonableness of legal fees, expenses, and settlements, as well as assessing/quantifying potentially unreasonable billing practices.

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