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As experts in the field of attorneys’ fees and legal spend in general, we at Wyatt Partners approach each of our legal fee matters with a distinctive, nuanced, and highly analytical perspective. We believe that the determination of what constitutes a reasonable amount of fees can never be a simple number-crunching exercise or arbitrary conclusion as to what something “should” have cost. It involves a deeper understanding of each individual litigation, a full and objective evaluation of invoices, pleadings, and other vital documents, and, when possible, in depth correspondence with appropriate outside and corporate counsel. We take many factors into consideration, including the complexity of certain cases, the nature of the required workload, the stakes of the individual lawsuits, and a myriad of other issues that makes every single piece of litigation independently unique.

We at Wyatt Partners also believe that this determination is enhanced by the perspective our professionals bring. All of us have been litigators and/or have worked inside corporate legal departments during our respective careers. We know how litigation works, we know how expensive it can be, we have been creators of invoices, and we have been reviewers of invoices. As providers and consumers of legal services, we at Wyatt Partners believe that our perspective and our methods are the most comprehensive and successful ways to evaluate the reasonableness of legal fees and expenses for our clients.

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. Steven A. Tasher 
. Lindsay H. Tasher 
. Samuel L. Tasher 

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